Project 42 (Part 1 – Rooms)

Last week, our students dropped their usual schedule to something more unique and creative. Indeed, MSBC teacher Vibeke Wrede, gave them an assignment inspired by the musical “Into the Woods”, main theme of this first part of the year. In small groups, students had 4 days to think, create, organise, and rehearse a performance, in one of the rooms of the school. Acting, dancing, painting, singing, or reading, they were allowed to express theirselves in any kind of artistic and creative way. Part of the mandatory assignment was to use the whole space they had, use projections but not on the walls, and stick to a theme from “Into the Woods”, as revenge, rituals, betrayal etc. Thursday afternoon, they showed their final productions to their fellow students, teachers and staff. The result was mesmerising !

You can see pictures and a little video right below

Enjoy !